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This table shows point mutations of CST. The annotation of mutation followed the recommendations for the description of sequence variant from Human Genome Variation Society (HGVS). HGVSc indicates mutation in coding DNA sequence, HGVSp and HGVSp_shore indicate mutation in protein sequence.

Cancer Gene HGVSc HGVSp HGVSp_Short Patient_count
BLCA CTC1 c.1187G>A p.Arg396Gln p.R396Q 1
BLCA CTC1 c.1862T>C p.Leu621Pro p.L621P 1
BLCA CTC1 c.2167G>A p.Glu723Lys p.E723K 1
BLCA CTC1 c.2430C>A p.Phe810Leu p.F810L 1
BLCA CTC1 c.3058C>T p.Gln1020Ter p.Q1020* 1
BLCA STN1 c.592G>A p.Ala198Thr p.A198T 1
BLCA STN1 c.701C>T p.Ser234Phe p.S234F 1
BRCA CTC1 c.1673_1675delAAG p.Glu558del p.E558del 1
BRCA CTC1 c.2389C>T p.His797Tyr p.H797Y 2
BRCA CTC1 c.284G>C p.Trp95Ser p.W95S 1
BRCA CTC1 c.474delT p.Leu159CysfsTer33 p.L159Cfs*33 1
BRCA CTC1 c.49G>C p.Glu17Gln p.E17Q 1
BRCA CTC1 c.634delC p.Leu212CysfsTer19 p.L212Cfs*19 1
BRCA STN1 c.284A>G p.Glu95Gly p.E95G 2
BRCA STN1 c.487C>G p.Gln163Glu p.Q163E 1
BRCA STN1 c.542C>A p.Pro181His p.P181H 1
BRCA STN1 c.586C>A p.Pro196Thr p.P196T 1
BRCA STN1 c.990_999delTGCTCGCCTG p.Cys330Ter p.C330* 1
BRCA TEN1 c.137C>T p.Ala46Val p.A46V 1
CESC CTC1 c.1156C>T p.Gln386Ter p.Q386* 1
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