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In Drug search, users can search candidate drugs/compounds that associate with TEN1.


This table shows chemicals/drugs, their mechanism of action(MOA) and association with TEN1.

Chemical Cancer MOA Association
alfaxalone ACC Chloride channel agonist positively
BIBX-1382 ACC EGFR inhibitor positively
biotin ACC Vitamin B positively
celastrol ACC Anti-inflammatory positively
CG-930 ACC JNK inhibitor positively
erythrosine ACC Coloring agent positively
fludroxycortide ACC Glucocorticoid receptor agonist positively
fostamatinib ACC SYK inhibitor positively
GR-144053 ACC Integrin antagonist positively
hexylresorcinol ACC Local anesthetic positively
importazole ACC Importin-beta transport receptor inhibitor positively
MEK1-2-inhibitor ACC MEK inhibitor positively
methotrexate ACC Dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor positively
mitomycin-c ACC DNA alkylating agent positively
mitoxantrone ACC Topoisomerase inhibitor positively
molsidomine ACC Guanylyl cyclase activator positively
mycophenolate-mofetil ACC Dehydrogenase inhibitor positively
mycophenolic-acid ACC Dehydrogenase inhibitor positively
NNC-05-2090 ACC GAT inhibitor positively
PD-98059 ACC MEK inhibitor positively
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