Welcome to CST Database

The CST complex is a heterotrimeric complex containing three components: CTC1, STN1 and TEN1. It has multiple roles in maintaining genome integrity. At telomeres, it ensures proper telomere replication, telomerase removal and C-strand fill-in. At genome-wide, it facilitates DNA replication by restarting the stalled replication forks. In addition, it mediates end protection at double strand breaks by counteracting resection, and promotes PARP inhibitor sensitivity in BRCA1-deficient cancer cells.

Given its essential roles in genome stability and cancer, we provides the CST database here. The CST database is a database for CST associated signatures in cancer. The signatures were derived by analyzing multi-omic data of 9,125 patients across 33 TCGA cancer types in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA).

The database contains CST related data of genomic (mutation, copy number alteration), mRNA expression, transcription regulation (DNA methylation, miRNA, lncRNA), pathway, immune profiles, patient survival and drug (chemical compounds).

The CST database provides a rich resource for understanding CST biology, with the potential opportunities to identify unprecedented context-dependent roles of CST and therapeutic targets in cancer. These data repositories of the secondary analysis are allowed to upload and release publicly.