FPIA: A webserver for Fusion Profiling Interactive Analysis

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Gene fusion is a key type of molecular alternations that originated from separate genes with aberrant functions. Although recent years have witnessed development of gene fusion databases, a tool with interactive analytic functions is still lacking. Here, we introduce FPIA (Fusion Profiling Interactive Analysis), a web server to perform dynamic and customizable functions including gene expression, tumor purity and ploidy, mutation, copy number variations, levels of immune cells, stem indices, telomere length, micro satellite instability and survival for gene fusions based on 33 cancer types from TCGA data. Currently, it contains 31,633 fusion events from 6,910 patients. FPIA complements the existing gene fusion annotation databases with its multi-omic analytic capacity, integrated analysis features, customized analysis selection and user-friendly design. The comprehensive data analyses by FPIA will greatly facilitate data mining, hypothesis generation and therapeutic target discovery. >>> Know more about FPIA <<< or >>> START NOW ! <<<


(2021-12-1) 1, Funtions added (mutation enrichment, cnv correction); 2, Bugs in cnv comparison fixed; 3, breakpoints reannotated, 4, Several interface issues fixed.

(2021-2-23) 1, A statement granting free access added; 2, Graphical abstract updated; 3, The cookies have been removed; 4, Documentation in the help page improved.

(2020-8-26) Users are now able to further filter fusion genes according to the role of fusion partner genes in cancerogenesis (driver gene, kinase, tumor suppressor, etc. ).

(2020-5-12) Errors found in part of the fusion partner genes collected from original research, for example, MARCH1 was mistaken for 1-Mar (likely affected by Excel). We corrected errors and uploaded those in both search page and download page.

FPIA: A webserver for Fusion Profiling Interactive Analysis