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In lncRNA search, users can search data of lncRNAs-shelterin regulations by selecting lncRNAs, genes and cancer types.


This table shows regulation of shelterin by long non-coding RNA(lncRNA).

LncRNA Gene Cancer Regulation
GAS5 POT1 BLCA negatively
HAR1A TIN2 BRCA positively
MALAT1 TPP1 KIRC positively
NEAT1 TPP1 KIRC positively
NEAT1 TRF2 KIRP negatively
SNHG10 TRF2 KIRP negatively
NEAT1 TPP1 KIRP positively
RMST TPP1 KIRP positively
CASC2 TPP1 LGG negatively
FAM157B TPP1 LGG negatively
MEG3 POT1 LGG negatively
FAM95B1 RAP1 LGG negatively
TUG1 POT1 LGG positively
MEG3 POT1 LIHC negatively
SNHG1 POT1 LIHC negatively
TUG1 POT1 LUAD negatively
SNHG1 TRF1 LUAD positively
TUG1 TRF2 LUAD positively
MEG3 POT1 PRAD negatively
MALAT1 TRF1 PRAD negatively