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In Immune cell search, users can search data of shelterin correlated immune cells by selecting immune cells and cancer types.


This table shows the spearman correlation coefficient between expression of shelterin and leves of immune cells.

Immune_cell Cancer Correlation_coefficient
B Cells Memory ESCA 0.082586938
B Cells Naive ESCA -0.015532801
Dendritic Cells ESCA 0.030459694
Dendritic Cells Activated ESCA -0.030539135
Dendritic Cells Resting ESCA 0.198358196
Eosinophils ESCA 0.003296292
Lymphocytes ESCA -0.132865586
Macrophages ESCA 0.195317840
Macrophages M0 ESCA 0.008149672
Macrophages M1 ESCA 0.043231917
Macrophages M2 ESCA 0.187878265
Mast Cells ESCA -0.223467169
Mast Cells Activated ESCA -0.186460501
Mast Cells Resting ESCA 0.111799508
Monocytes ESCA -0.145317959
Neutrophils ESCA -0.194220572
NK Cells Activated ESCA 0.076777316
NK Cells Resting ESCA -0.017187729
Plasma Cells ESCA -0.027112038
T Cells CD4 Memory Activated ESCA 0.103005679
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