Welcome to Shelterin Database

The shelterin complex is composed by six proteins named TRF1, TRF2, RAP1, TPP1, POT1 and TIN2, which prevents telomeres from degradation or fusion. Aberrant expression of shelterin has been reported in various cancers. Importantly, mutations of some shelterin genes (POT1 and TPP1) serve as cancer drivers.

Shelterin database is a database for shelterin associated signatures in cancer. The signatures were derived by analyzing multi-omic data of 9,125 patients across 33 TCGA cancer types in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA).

The database contains shelterin related data of genomic (mutation, copy number alteration), mRNA expression, transcription regulation (DNA methylation, miRNA, lncRNA), pathway, immune signature (immunemodulators and immune cells), patient survival and drug (chemical compounds).

The shelterin database provides a rich resource for understanding shelterin biology, with the potential opportunities to identify unprecedented context-dependent roles of shelterin and therapeutic targets in cancer.