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Step 1 - Type or Upload

Type the gene information here (example: genomic region, gene name, target sequence)     Gene Structure Query

Or upload a file:

1. Genomic region must begin with "chr*:", target sequence must begin with ">", or it will be treated as gene name.
2. It may take a VERY LONG TIME analysing massive data! Max supported file size: 2.0 MB.

Step 2 - Set the Parameters

gRNA Type:        

Basic Options:

SSC Score Cutoff (-1~1, only higher than the cutoff will be reported.)
Mismatch 0 5 (Setting: , Default: 2)
Max Off-Targets (Lower is better.)
Max OTs in Exon (Lower than the previous one.)
Pair Distance ~
Coverage ~ (0~1)

Advanced Options:     

    (Optional) Enter your email addr.: Enter the email address where you want the job notification email to be sent. Do not use Gmail.

    (Optional) Enter a job description: Enter text naming or describing this analysis, which will be included in the notification email you receive.